There is a lot of literature around on NAAION, usually quite fragmented and too often contradictory or lacking enough factual evidence.

No, EBM (evidence based medicine) set ups are not evidence. They are largely a government invented subjective volume and collectivist voting method that aspires to reveal objective facts, but does not. Science is not up for vote. One researcher’s findings can be as good or better than those of a slew of clinics, but a lot of the individual researcher’s findings, and especially knowledge of what does not work, are lost under the EBM regime.

So we will support ANY rational objective research, regardless of its government qualifications. A patient can judge far better what is good for him and what not. He can also best assess what risks he will take with his health.  There is no role for government in our quest for better outcomes and we will not support nor fund any such involvement, since that would only mean supporting what slows us down or completely holds us up in achieving better outcomes. It is not in our interest to do so.

For a better understanding and for information of the fundamentals of NAAION, we recommend starting with reading what Prof. Sohan Hayreh wrote and studied on NAAION, since he is the de facto ‘father of NAAION’, having thoroughly and in astounding detail described and studied, and also named the AION group and its specific two diseases, AION and NAAION. There is nothing comparable.

Here is a start at the literature list:

1) Summary page about AION’s (Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathies)
by Prof. Sohan Singh Hayreh:
Part I: An Introduction for Patients
Part II: a discussion for physicians

Note: For best understanding of the disease it is recommended to read both parts.

<list is under construction>